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PAKSAN PLATFORM MAKİNA İMALAT SAN. TİC. A.Ş. which is one of the oldest and largest company in the field of lifting and handle of materials in Turkey, has been working to benefit customers and partners since 1982.

Kaleli Platform which is under the roof of Kaleli Group, performs the rental services of wide range of hydraulic platforms produced by Paksan Company.

Quality in production and innovation are key to success. Customer is part of the solution for Paksan in after-sell service.

HPM Company, which group company, performs express and reliable service & maintenance with mobile vehicles 7 days 24 hours. New group company Silyon has been established in order to manage international service of Paksan. Paksan continuous R&D works with young friends who supported by company, and leads market and our country with these works.

Paksan Company took step in order to go public and obtained investment incentive certificate. It adopts total quality management system and manufactures according to terms of ISO 9001 quality management system. Paksan always works in order improve products quality and provide quality service.

Trust us to overcome extreme challenges at high.

Thanks for choosing us.

Ahmet Kaleli