We are hiring!

We are always eager to meet with eager and committed people to join our team, particularly in overseas sales positions.


The mission of recruitment process is; to choose people who can support company's principles, values, vision and mission, meets the requirements of position, highly motivated, open for improvement and can add value to Paksan.

Applicants are those who applied for vacancy and met requirements of position are interviewed by Human Resource Manager and Manager of related department. A final check of the selection process has been completed and the final applicant has been determined. Then offering finalist the position. Company gives feedback all applicants related to result of application.

Performance Management

Our Target is evaluating objectively contribution of employee to success of company and maintaining of corporate performance. As a result of performance evaluations, we direct development plans of our employee and make available for them to take their shares.

Career Planning

“Effective career planning is about finding a job that works for you, matching who are to the life you are are going to lead”—–John Lees

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